Today, I found myself at a coffeehouse, working on an unexpected supplement to my Midday record, released in 2012. By now, I expected to have already released Sunset, the next EP in the 24 Hours series I envisioned over three years ago.

After speaking with a friend nearly two months ago about Midday, I soon realized that it was more than a collection of songs—it was a story. Ash casually suggested, “You should write the story behind Midday.” And so it has begun.

Having spent the majority of this afternoon writing, I can now say that a third of the first draft is now complete. The plan is to release an illustrated print edition of the story, a narrated e-book version using the album as a backing track, and a stand-alone Midday Story EP.

In order to make this project a reality, I will need additional funding to cover the cost of mixing vocals over the music, illustrating the story, printing books, and creating an e-book version. Will you join me on this adventure?

Listen now: 


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Painting by John Gregor.

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