Midday is the first album in a series of four by Argo the Ship, released 27 March 2012. Album cover art painted by John Gregor (acrylic on paper).

Download the album for free right here on this page (below). And, read about why it’s free. All AAC files are encoded at 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz. All WAV files are 16 bit, 44.1 kHz.

Download or listen to each song (AAC file type) from the individual song links or download the entire album (AAC or WAV file types) below.




Midday – Track List
00 Album Cover Art

      1. 01 Happy Beginning

      2. 02 The Race

      3. 03 Message

      4. 04 The Triumphant Sea

      5. 05 Steady Keel

      6. 06 Bright Star

      7. 07 Canopus

      8. 08 The Line

      9. 09 The Battle of Everfel


Complete Album Downloads
Argo the Ship: Midday (WAV + Cover Art)
Argo the Ship: Midday (AAC + Cover Art)