Music from Argo the Ship will always be free on this website¬†– not because it’s worthless, but because its value can only be determined and justified by you, the listener. Music brings meaning into life. Music can create feelings within you that, quite frankly, are next to impossible to replicate. Listen to this music and decide what it’s worth to you. If you feel compelled, come back to this site after you’ve had a chance to listen for a while and leave a comment on the album’s page, stating how much you would be willing to pay for it if you could, along with your reasons why. And, you actually *can* pay for it – in the usual places online. Just do a quick search.

Music downloaded from this website is intended to be for personal use only. If you would like to use an Argo the Ship recording for commercial purposes, you must obtain prior, written consent. To request permission, leave a comment on this post, including your contact information. If you would like to use a song in a home video or school project, please kindly credit Argo the Ship and include the song title alongside this website,